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our editorial team is made up of more than 200,000 active contributors from around the world: DESIGNBOOM READERS. designboom reader submissions invites creatives and makers — regardless of place, position, prestige, religion, nationality, or gender — to communicate their work to a huge, international audience. this horizontal distribution of information means that cultural conversations are developed directly by our readers, and don’t follow any fixed hierarchical systems or chains of command. creatives from all corners of the globe are welcome to contribute as part of a positive commentary on the world’s creative scene, and are invited to present their projects to designboom’s readership: an audience of professionals, students and design enthusiasts that reaches 3.5 million monthly.

happening now! witness how the swedish family-owned company, bolon, is breaking new ground with exciting material inventions, where all their products now contain 68% waste material, and 0% climate impact per square meter. 


a diverse digital database that acts as a valuable guide in gaining insight and information about a product directly from the manufacturer, and serves as a rich reference point in developing a project or scheme.

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