bilgin architects dots turkish solar plant with a shimmering control center

bilgin architects dots turkish solar plant with a shimmering control center

control center for kalyon energy


Punctuating the sun-baked plains of Karapınar, Turkey, a central control building for Kalyon Energy has been completed by Bilgin Architects. Occupying a vast field of solar panels, the project is built to symbolize sustainable human ingenuity and the collective goal toward a carbon neutral future. More than just a workspace, the structure is shrouded in a facade of reflective stainless steel panels, at once blending into its surroundings as standing out as a shimmering sculpture between the Earth and sky.

bilgin architects kalyon energyimages © Egemen Karakaya



the shimmering facade by bilgin architects


The unique desert climate of Karapınar, Turkey posed both a challenge and opportunity for the design team at Bilgin Architects while designing the control building for Kalyon Energy. The structure is situated within a designated 20-square-kilometer energy specialization area and sits at a respectful distance from the sprawling solar panels it manages. This strategic placement avoids shading the panels while integrating the building into the landscape. The high-reflectance facade acts as a mirror, reflecting the vastness of the sky and the surrounding terrain. Thus, a visual harmony is created which blurs the lines between the building and its environment. The architects envisioned it as an extension of the 3.2 million solar panels, suggesting a marriage of technology and nature.

bilgin architects kalyon energy
Kalyon’s Control Building reflects the landscape and the 1,350 MW solar plant



an energy efficient structure


Beyond its aesthetic role, the facade is designed by Bilgin Architects to contribute to the energy efficiency of the Kalyon Energy building. A secondary layer of 7,200 stainless steel panels, designed with varying transparency levels, acts as a shield against harsh sunlight to minimize heat absorption. This ensures optimal energy usage and creates a dynamic interplay of light and shadow. The reflective surface transforms throughout the day, morphing into a canvas of ever-changing hues. On cloudy days, the boundary between the building and the sky dissolves to create a mesmerizing blur. As night falls, the facade transforms to reveal the illuminated interiors and courtyard.

bilgin architects kalyon energy
reflective facades shift colors, blending into the sky and creating a glimmering light show



the central garden


Stepping inside, visitors are greeted by a welcoming foyer area where the boundaries between interior and exterior seamlessly blur. The courtyard facade, visible from the foyer, serves as a constant reminder of the natural world outside. This series of interconnected spaces, including the cafeteria and multipurpose hall, provides a vibrant hub for collaboration and learning. At the heart of the building is a lush courtyard, a stark contrast to the surrounding arid landscape. This garden is landscaped with low-maintenance native plants and offers a cool retreat from the harsh climate. The courtyard informs the building’s circulation and organization, demarcating the private and common areas of the building.

bilgin architects kalyon energy
the layered facade minimizes heat absorption to ensure energy efficiency and interior comforts bilgin architects dots turkish solar plant with a shimmering control center
a foyer with courtyard view connects visitors to the lush garden inside


Bilgin Architects strategically situates the building to avoid shading the solar panels

bilgin architects dots turkish solar plant with a shimmering control center
native plants in the courtyard create a sustainable retreat in the workspace


the building fosters a connection with nature with its garden courtyard amidst the dry plains

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