poltrona frau enriches moments at home with 2021 take your time collection

poltrona frau enriches moments at home with 2021 take your time collection

home is where the heart is. it is a place that houses our most cherished memories, sensations and, in turn, objects. the pandemic has meant our domestic spaces have welcomed us for longer periods of time, and poltrona frau seeks to enrich these moments. their 2021 ‘take your time’ collection reinvigorates our living experiences through multisensory pleasure. it embraces ideals of beauty, comfort, functionality, versatility and longevity as homes meet new personal as well as professional needs.


we learned a lot from the pandemic as we were forced to spend a big deal of time in our homes, which became the center of our lives: domestic, private, work and social,begins nicola coropulis, poltrona frau CEO, in an interview with designboom at their showroom in milan.time is our most precious value. the new collection devises living solutions that make our time at home exactly that – more pleasurable.

poltrona frau enriches moments at home with 2021 take your time collection
mesa due dining table designed by lella & massimo vignelli (center bottom), mi bookcases designed by neri & hu (back), and soffi lamps designed by gamfratesi (center top)



I believe a real luxury experience is one that fulfils all the senses,’ continues coropulis. three senses – sight, smell and touch – encompass the poltrona frau ‘take your time’ collection.


sight fixates on the beauty of their designs and, specifically, the choices of rich, textural materials for sensory duality. for the 10th anniversary of the ginger ale chair by roberto lazzeroni, the enveloping seat shell has been updated with a suit in either fabric or pelle frau leather, sitting atop a new four-spoke wooden base. the limited edition infinito table, again by roberto lazzeroni, marvels in its material rarity and experimentation. a surface of red rosso lepanto marble surprising in a green hue, rests atop sculpted upside-down legs in white carrara. designed by neri & hu, the mi family of storage units evokes an elegant interplay of material, light and transparencies. burnished glass only covers the top of the cabinets to offer a secret hint at objects housed within.

poltrona frau enriches moments at home with 2021 take your time collection
infinito table designed by roberto lazzeroni, ginger ale chairs designed by roberto lazzeroni, and soffi lamps designed by gamfratesi (center top)



smell brings a fresh novelty to the brand. airound, designed by gamfratesi, is their smart home diffuser. pelle frau leather is handcrafted into a sculpted object, which can also be miniaturized for travel. three different fragrances by acqua di parma, as well as the special milano by poltrona frau, can be set and adjusted remotely.


airound smart home diffuser designed by gamfratesi



touch completes the feeling at home. poltrona frau officially wears the high-end upholstery of loro piana interiors. four of their finest fabrics enrich the tactile experience, where quality raw materials are sewn together with expert craftsmanship to realize aspen – the refined plaid – and the decorative cushions collection.

poltrona frau enriches moments at home with 2021 take your time collection
archibald grand comfort designed by jean-marie massaud (left), and mi trolley designed by neri & hu (right)



enriched by the senses, the focus of the collection was highly influenced by emerging trends during the pandemic. ‘our primary focus were designs that could be multifunctional. this is important because the boundaries at home, between work or social and in or outside, has become less and less,’ clarifies nicola coropulis.


initially appearing as if a simple structure, the plot by gamfratesi is a system of modular room dividers that revel in luxurious detail. the textural richness of the brand’s famed leather is layered into geometric weaves, precious patterns and sophisticated color combinations that, at closer glance, exudes a personality with poetic intensity. the design can be moved around the home, even shaping spaces, and makes for a contemporary background for video calls. designed by jean-marie massaud, the minimalist lightness of the in the mood sofa can be personalized in more than just fabric, finish and configuration options. acting as a tray when closed – perfect for holding a drink, lamp or laptop – the design’s padded armrest houses a hidden compartment to tuck away a blanket, remotes and other objects.

poltrona frau enriches moments at home with 2021 take your time collection
plot room dividers designed by gamfratesi



the increased need for the home office delves even further into the poltrona frau ‘take your time. feel the difference’ collection. two different solutions help balance work and spatial requirements in living spaces. the lazzeroni-designed peek-a-book desk embodies elegance in form and feel. pelle frau covers, curves and folds in two to form the base, desktop and two hidden drawers in between, as if a valuable bound book. the iren desk by kensaku oshiro, whereas, sits equally at home in the living room or bedroom. its two overlapping surfaces adapt for different functions at the ease of one simple action, sliding to clear a workspace to write or to store documents away.

poltrona frau enriches moments at home with 2021 take your time collection
peek-a-book desk designed by roberto lazzeroni (center) and ginger ale chair by roberto lazzeroni (right)



sustainability is to design objects that are natural, do not harm the environment, and last for a long lifetime. this is part of poltrona frau’s DNA, and we have been exploring this practice even further,’ adds coropulis.


the welcoming forms of the archibald grand comfort by jean-marie massaud is dressed with sustainability in mind. the original pelle frau leather cover is now paired with a fabric and, crucially, removable upholstery. this can be easily replaced for longevity as well as be disassembled resourcefully at the end of the chair’s lifecycle.

poltrona frau enriches moments at home with 2021 take your time collection
archibald grand comfort designed by jean-marie massaud (left), and pierre coffee table designed by jean-marie massaud (right)



the home is where the heart is, but poltrona frau’s multisensory, pleasurable designs look to step outside. ‘poltrona frau wants to be the preferred brand for those who love excellent experiences at home and public spaces. our product development is directed at enhancing complete living solutions. in september 2021, we will launch our first outdoor collection so that we can complement our designs inside. it is our extension outside,’ concludes nicola coropulis, poltrona frau CEO.

poltrona frau enriches moments at home with 2021 take your time collection
kyoto coffee tables designed by gianfranco frattini


iren desk by kensaku oshiro





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collection info:


brand: poltrona frau

collection: take your time

year: 2021

designers: gianfranco frattini, gamfratesi, roberto lazzeroni, jean-marie massaud, neri & hu, kensaku oshiro, spalvieri & del ciotto, and lella & massimo vignelli

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